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  • CashLess Farm We are a cashless farm. As a rural location, this improves our service levels and guests experiences. Please purchase all admission tickets online and in advance of your visit to Rockberry. Food and beverage stations accept all major credit and debit cards. 

  • Smoking and Vaping Free Farm
    For safety and health purposes, along with being courteous to all guests, there is no smoking or vaping, including e-cigarettes allowed anywhere on the farm including the parking lot. 

  • About Doggies at the Farm
    We love all God’s creatures, but we ask that pets be left at home unless they are licensed  service animals. We have lots of critters here y’all can make friends with!

  • Picnics at Rockberry Ranch
    You’re very welcome to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at the farm! We have a bunch of picnic tables that are available on a first come-first served basis. We do ask that glass containers be left at home, ‘cause our chickens are roamers, and we want to keep their lil’ feet happy.

  • Some Non-Negotiable No-Nos
    No alcoholic beverages (especially not Moonshine). No outside barbecue grills or campfires. 

  • No drones are allowed for safety reasons

  • Rain Check Policy
    We’ll keep it goin’ rain or shine, but we do have multiple covered areas if Mother Nature decides to send us some sprinkles! Rain Checks will only be provided if we have to close the farm due to severe weather and we are unable to remain open and operate safely. Rain checks will be issued at the discretion of Rockberry Ranch and will only be valid for operating dates and hours during the current season.

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